There were many other sites offering the/a/one-of-the purity test[s] before this one came along, they just all had a tendency to suck (with one exception). What follows is a list of the five most notable out of the lot of 'em, in descending order of greatness (or ascending order of loathsomeness, whichever you prefer).

  • K. Scott's version, 500 questions
    The first form-based version of the 500 question test to hit the 'net (circa '95). K. Scott never succumbed to the evils of ad banners, choosing instead to use his powers only for the good of all humankind. Probably the most important contribution to the web until arrived, and the site that prompted me to try to do it better.
  •'s version, 500 questions
    The original 500 question test, but with the original authors' information and test history removed. All of the questions are stuffed onto one page, and the questions do not explicitly require "no" answers, thus increasing the chances of user error.
  •'s version, 100 questions
    The original test munged up and reduced to 100 questions. Advertising banners and banal clipart.
  •, 100 questions
    Another ripoff--more lame ads and ad banners. Test loosely based on the 500 question original. Could be useful if you want to Get A FREE 30 Minute Phone Card or Get Your Favorite Music And Save $5 On Your $10 Order while you take a purity test, though.

Accept no imitations. is where you want to go for all your purity test needs.