Section 2: Auto-erotica and Mono-sexualism (51 questions)

Although this section is termed Auto-erotica and Mono-sexualism, the events herein still count even if you were with someone else at the time. It was so named because these activities, like the harp (and the porcelain goddess), are predominately solo events.

With 19 questions down, you're 96.4% pure.

Have you ever...

20 ...had an arousing dream? (Wet dreams and the like.)
21 ...been sexually aroused?
22 ...uttered/muttered/yelled/screamed (or in other words verbally expressed) obscenities?
23 ...fantasized about your long-term instructor, mentor, or someone who is superior to you? (One day skydiving teachers, two hour ski instructors, and the like do not count.)
24 ...fantasized about your lawyer, doctor, nurse, psychiatrist or someone with whom you are having a professional relationship?
25 ...fantasized about someone you know personally but not closely?
26 ...fantasized about anyone and masturbated at the same time?
27 or bought pornographic periodicals?
28 ...ever had a subscription to pornographic periodicals?
29 sexually explicit literature?
30 ...gone skinny dipping alone?
31 ...made obscene phone calls?
32 ...phoned up any recorded phone sex numbers? (e.g. (212) 976-2626, (212) 976-2727, (212) 976-2828, etc. Please note that these are fifty cent calls in addition to toll charges and long distance charges.)
33 ...phoned up any live phone sex numbers?
34 ...stuffed your bra if you are female, or stuffed your pants if you are male?
35 ...shaved your genital pubic hair?
36 ...shaved your genital pubic hair on a fairly regular basis?
37 ...colored or bleached your genital pubic hair?
38 ...shaved or shaped your genital pubic hair in a particular design (moons, hearts, diamonds, clovers, etc.)?
39 ...masturbated?
40 ...masturbated at least five times in one twenty-four hour period?
41 ...masturbated on a fairly regular basis of no less than once a fortnight?
42 ...masturbated where you could have been discovered (in a crowd, in public, city parks, gym/dorm/barrack showers, movie theater, etc.)?
43 ...masturbated out in the wilds or in nature with no nearby civilization?
44 ...masturbated to orgasm?
45 ...masturbated while reading either pornographic or sexually explicit materials?
46 ...masturbated while driving a moving land vehicle (car, RV, truck, motorcycle, hearse, etc.)?
47 ...masturbated while on the phone? (No kinky interpretations of "on the phone". This is legit.)
48 ...masturbated while in a bathroom of the opposite sex?
49 ...masturbated while watching an R or X-rated show?
50 ...seen any burlesque show (Rocky Horror counts)?
51 ...been to a peep show?
52 ...been to a private showing of a pornographic movie?
53 ...seen a pornographic movie in a theater?
54 ...walked around in your room/apartment/house/habitation in the nude? (Must be a serious walk; five minutes of going around trying to find your undies after a shower doesn't count.)
55 ...walked around in a public or semi-public area with a top (shirt, T-shirt, etc) but no bottoms (pants, shorts, etc)? (Dorm hallways, lobby areas, etc. are acceptable; however locker rooms, bathrooms and such places where this behavior is acceptable do not count.)
56 ...bought blatant sexual objects? (This means that if you buy a bottle of Coke and you use it as a dildo, it doesn't count. Think design and function.)
57 ...owned any erotic art pieces? (Like that phallic symbol in the cat woman scene in A Clockwork Orange.)
58 ...written down your own stories or fantasies for masturbatory purposes? (Your own custom-made Penthouse Forum™.)
59 ...sculpted erotic/obscene artworks in food (bananas, carrots, apples...)?
60 ...eaten any erotic food items? (Chocolate tits, banana dicks, etc.)
61 ...sculpted erotic/obscene artworks in soap, wood, or any other carvable material that isn't food?
62 ...made an R or X-rated snowman or snowwoman?
63 ...tasted your own orgasmic liquids?
64 ...inserted your finger into your rectum?
65 ...used ben-wa balls or anal beads? (Ben-wa balls: a pair of small, usually metal, balls which are placed in the vagina or anus and are supposed to feel good as they move around. Anal beads: a string of beads inserted into the anus which is supposed to feel good as it is pulled out.)
66 ...performed oral sex on yourself? (Yes, this is possible for most males, and even for some females.)
67 ...willingly urinated on the garments that you were wearing at the time? (In other words: piss in your pants; wet yourself; had an accident.)
68 ...willingly urinated on any part of your body?
69 ...willingly defecated on the garments that you were wearing at the time? (In other words: shit in your pants; had a serious accident.)
70 ...willingly defecated on yourself?